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To qualify for Debt Settlement a person needs to have legitimate financial hardships that have caused them to fall behind on payments or will in the near future. Our partners welcome consumers who are truly in need of our services and are looking to improve their financial situation legitimately.
Our partners have extensive expertise in all areas of debt collection and the agencies that can help make it happen. Arbitrators can help settle your debt using the many laws and billing acts and can advise on how to be successful.
You money is held safely and securely in an insured trust account that is opened in your name. The monies collected in this account once the negotiation is reached in a settlement offer. You and only you have control over the funds in this account.
Yes, we strongly encourage you to include all debt in your program for the best outcome. A debt consultant can explain the benefits of including all creditors to you so you can make the best decision.
No, a debt collector cannot contact other people or family members and discuss your debt. They are allowed to gather up contact information to reach you by phone or email to speak with you.
Bankruptcy should always be considered the last resort. It stays on your credit report for 10 long years and it can affect future employment, licenses, leases and insurance. You may never be able to get be successful in getting credit for many years to come.
A debt collector is any person, other than a creditor, who has to job of collecting debts that are owning to others.

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